Business Game


Experience running your business in your own way and build your own strategies to success. 

“MYBUSINESS-MYSTRATEGIES” – A Game that takes you closest to a real-life situation and gives you an engaging business experience.

What Is The Game About?

Business and the markets in which we operate constantly evolve. But whether you manufacture the latest wearable electronics or sell tickets to upcoming events, the essential building blocks of business – Marketing, Finance and Operations Management – remain the same. 

Through this game, you get the chance to develop a holistic understanding of basic business principles from the very beginning in an engaging learning experience.

Each business discipline has its broad body of knowledge and can be mastered in theory, but the experience of how business works in practice can be the ideal foundation for deep and ongoing learning.

The Game introduces the basics of business parameters and demonstrates how the parameters are inter-linked to each other and the nuances. 

The Game allows you to know business right from the stage of ideation, to converting that as a business idea.  It takes you through various stages of project preparation, project costing, marketing, production, sales, and business metrics. By running a whole business, you not only get a practical introduction to individual disciplines, but develop a realistic context as the basis for a more complete understanding.

Key concepts include making essential decisions in production, finance, marketing/sales, exploring the cause-and-effect relationships between functional areas, and conducting competitive analysis.

The Game is ideal for introduction to business, accounting, management, and marketing executives, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. It has the flexibility to be used either in a team-situation or individually.  Either you are a start-up enterprise, or looking for a footing to establish your business, you stand to gain immensely by participating in this Game.  Purely for this purpose, the cost of the game is kept unusually low.  

Why Use The Business Game?

Establishing a solid understanding of the basics of business is critical. Research shows people learn best by doing. The Simulation Game allows you to experience the inevitable compromises and trade-offs inherent in the decisions managers make every day in finance, operations, marketing and other areas.

To grasp how the individual business parameters impact the entire organization, nothing beats the experience of running a business in a competitive marketplace. The Game provides that experience—without the real-world risk—along with the opportunity to build a product portfolio, manage costs, analyze the market, and develop forecasts, all with an eye on cash flow and profitability.

Highlights Of The Business Game

You learn in a Risk Free Environment the nuances of successfully establishing a business firm, and profitably running your firm. By making mistakes and learning how to correct them, you experience cross functional integration first hand.  However, the following are the highlights of the game:–Learn how finance relates to production?–Learn how marketing integrates with other business parameters–How marketing/sales strategies impact profitability?  The business game is offered at three levels, namely:-

  1. Level I – Introduces you to basic building blocks of business.  You learn to understand common business terminologies, business  parameters and their inter-relationships that form the foundation of business.
  2. Level II – You get exposed to inventory management, cost management, supply-chain management, just-in-time concept, product innovation, research & development, preparation of trial balance, profit & loss statement, and balance sheet.
  3. Level III – You learn advanced financial management concepts, analysis of financial statements, financial ratios and interpretation, and finally they learn to manage business through TALLY, an ERP solution software.
  4. Levels I and II of the Game take 8 hours each; 1 hour of pre-game exposure, 3 hours of the Game proper, and 1 hours of post-game analysis.
  5. Completion of the Games entitles you for CERTIFICATION.  

How To Enroll?

To play the Business Simulation Game, you need to first enroll yourself.  


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