Welcome to the Rangnekar Institute of Management Studies and Research (RIMSR), a technology driven dedicated center for quality management education. RIMSR is a management training center located in Bangalore, the garden city of India. RIMSR offers an array of diploma, and certificate programs in areas of high-demand in the job-market. 

Additionally, RIMSR conducts preparatory courses to competitive examinations like GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOFEL, CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, CMAT etc. Further, it has a consultancy wing, ‘Organization Structure and Systems’, that offers end-to-end solutions to clients. RIMSR also gives resource support to other Management Institutions.  Presently, ‘The EFS Academy,’ has availed resource support from RIMSR on a long-term basis.

‘Health Care Management,’ ‘Project Management,’ and ‘Procurement Management,’ are sought-after programs of RIMSR, with high program rating. However, the USP of RIMSR is the student-faculty connect that it maintains to ensure seamless learning of new concepts by students on virtual platform. It’s a place where one can learn at his own pace, and enjoy learning new concepts, and acquiring new skills.

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Health Care

The ‘Advanced Certificate Program in Health Care Management,’ is a niche program found most useful by medical and para-medical personnel. It provides core-competence in establishing, and successfully running health-care related institutions, like hospitals, nursing homes, specialist clinics, and diagnostic centers. A 11 course program, with 5 core management courses to give comprehensive knowledge of leadership and management principles, and 6 specialization courses in health care management. Provides domain knowledge to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. Expert mentors, who are medical and health care professionals of repute, provide constant interaction with students. With growing emphasis on “medical-tourism,” reputed corporate houses like Reliance, Tatas, Videocon and others are setting up state-of-the-art hospitals, and to manage them there is severe shortage of trained personnel in Health Care Management. Moderately, priced at Rs.50,000/- for a 6 month program on virtual platform, this is an ideal program for health care professionals.

Project Management Certification

Advanced Program in Project Management that gives basic skills in managing projects using ‘Learning Management System’ on e-platform. Participants have the advantage of continuous support from experienced mentors. Apart from this, comprehensive tutorials give expert domain knowledge in Project Management. The focus of the program is to give the participants skill-sets to implement projects right from ground-zero, and impart problem solving skills, so that they are always looked upon by their seniors to meet challenges while implementing projects. The course content is designed by a reputed MNC, who are leaders in designing e-learning programs. It is ideal for students, supervisors, team leaders, desiring to take up managerial positions with skills in Project Management. It is a 12 week program with 100 hours of training in Project Management. Successful completion entitles 35 PDUs and ‘Certification of Completion from State University of New York, USA’.

Intending students/ working professionals wanting to super-specialize in ‘Project Management’ can take up the EXPERT Certificate Program which is an intensive course, giving comprehensive skills and knowledge in Project Management. Students are trained to design, implement, monitor, evaluate, and close a project, and are exposed to the nuances of Project Management. It is a blended program on e-platform through a novel experiential learning methodology. Ideally suited for professionals, managers, and students specializing in Project Management, with excellent job prospects. A 24 week program, with 240 hours of tutorials, rigorous training, assignments, case-studies, pod-casts, web-casts, webinars, synchronous/ asynchronous video sessions, mentoring by experts, interactions with CEOs & COOs, project-work, and internship in reputed firms with an opportunity to get absorbed in the firms they work as interns. Successful completion entitles 100 PDUs, and eligibility to appear for CAPM/PMP examinations of PM.

Study Abroad

A 4 week High Quality Certificate Program on International Business/Entrepreneurship Development. The program provides in-depth understanding of International Trade-Networking, Resource Raising, Legal Necessities, Trade Agreements, Foreign Exchange Market Tariffs, Mechanisms for Resolution of International Trade Disputes, Legal Nuances of International Trade, Drafting Trade Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, etc. Also helps participants with domain knowledge in implementing international projects, cutting across international boundaries. The program is hands-on oriented, and provides a platform to meet Captains of Fortune 500 Companies, and the Indian Diaspora. Emphasis is on helping participants to build trade net-works, and marketing tie-ups. A must program for MSMEs who are into products that have international demand.


RIMSR offers preparatory programs for GMAT, GRE, TOFEL, SAT, and for other competitive examinations. Apart from assessing students who intend taking up professional courses abroad, RIMSR counsels them about the courses and universities that match their interests, aptitude, and finances. RIMSR helps students to do due-diligence before settling on a program and university for higher studies. Students are well prepared to take up examinations like GMAT, GRE, TOFEL, and SAT, and RIMSR offers these preparatory courses at most affordable fee of Rs.7,500/- per student with Mentoral Support, so that every-student can afford these training courses. Students needing Mentoral Support are attached to professionals who are experts in tutoring competitive examinations.  These courses are comprehensive, and extremely well designed and formatted by Barron. As part of the program, students are exposed to live tests. This program is a must for those who are intending to go abroad for higher studies.