ATS or Academic Testing Services, is one of the important activities of RIMSR. Schools, Colleges, and Professional Institutions avail the Testing Services to conduct tests and examinations to students, apprentices, and  employees on virtual platform.

Under this activity, institutions can avail end-to-end testing solutions, that is, right from the stage of setting the test paper, conducting the test/examination on the scheduled date and time, evaluation of the answer scripts, preparation of statement of grades/marks, and submission of the results to the institutions.  However, the testing process can be customized to meet the needs of the participating institutions.

The testing process is on secured online platform with double-end encryption.  Secrecy and security of the examination process is 100% without any scope for loose-ends at any stage.  RIMSR enters into “NON-DISCLOSURE(SECRECY) AGREEMENT” with schools/colleges/institutions availing the testing services.

Additionally, under the ATS, students can take online competitive examinations like NEET, CET, COMED, CPT, IPCC, CAT, CLAT, and Banking Recruitment Examinations which help them get exposed to real-life examinations, get familiarized and well prepared much in advance.  Mock-examinations can be taken any of number of times on payment of a fee of Rs.100/- per examination.

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