Activites of RIMSR

RIMSR is a technology driven education and research hub in Management Science.  The main activity of RIMSR is to innovate cost-friendly, effective solutions to managerial problems, be they are routine or strategic ones.  The solutions are offered on a turn-key basis, and are developed by RIMSR through R & D.  “Academic Testing Services” is yet another valued solution pack extended to Schools, Colleges, and Institutions to meet their testing/evaluating needs.

RIMSR also offers Skill Development/Enhancement Programs that are most relevant and are in high demand.  For this purpose, RIMSR has tied-up with the State University of New York, Potsdam, USA, through NEF University, Washington DC.  Under the aegis of SUNY, over 500 Skill Development Programs are offered at most affordable fee-structure.  Indian Schools and Institutions are also assessed, evaluated, and rated for accreditation with SUNY.

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Additionally, RIMSR provides consultancy in:-

  • Business Strategy.

  • Customized Solutions to Organizational Challenges.

  • Institutional Capacity Building.

  • Corporate Planning, Developing Mission Statements, and ‘Customized Road Mapping’.

  • Supply-Chain Management.

  • Designing Procurement Policies to meet the specific needs of clients.

  • Angel Investment for Industries in Financial Distress.

  • Venture Capital assistance to “Start-Ups.”

Besides, RIMSR conducts the following Certificate Programs:-

  • Credit Risk Management – Assessment, and Mitigation: Techniques & Methodologies.

  • Project Appraisal, Implementation, and Monitoring.

  • Effective NPA Management.

  • Basics of Business Finance.

  • Health Care Management.

  • Supply-Chain Management.

  • Project Management.

  • Entrepreneurial Development Programs.

  • Digital and Financial Literacy

  • Business Simulation Games.